Fall Style: Dolce & Gabbana

The window at the Dolce & Gabbana store on Bloor Street here in Toronto always inspire with its beautiful products and fashion style. For this Fall,  the windows show both fashion for men and women. The Men's fashion was inspired by animals, like a luxe dog sweater for your man and of course the unisex white sneakers, that is so in style right now among fashionistas. For the women, there is the sexy printed rose matched with the funky and casual denim jacket. The accessories are fabulous with bejewelled shoes and clutch. Only Dolce & Gabbana can present such luxurious and funky style all together for Fall.

Fall Is Almost Here!

 Fall is almost here. We can see it in the fashion styles coming out in the stores right now as they present clothes in colours of brown, black, burgundy, aqua blue and orange. The trees are not turning their colours yet but it will come soon. Fall is like a renewal as we see the launch of a new fragrance from Gucci called Bloom, which reminds us of a lovely and fragrant garden. There will be a brand new and bigger Hermes store in Bloor-Yorkville that will open in November. Luckily, it is not that cool yet. It is still summer temperature here in Toronto which brings us out in the streets, still enjoying the sun and warm breeze in town. There's lots to look forward to this Fall. 

Chanel's Fall-Winter Collection: Travel Diary

 The Fall Season is almost here as we can feel the chill coming in day after day. Chanel has released their 2017 Fall-Winter make up collection inspired by the Travel Diary of Chanel's make-up Creative Director, Lucia Pica's road trip  along  California's coast. We can see from the quadra eye make-up Road Movie the colour of the sea, the sand, the rocks and the reflection of the sun on the water and the sand. The orange and red lipsticks were inspired by the city lights of California. The new product this season is the Palette Essentialle which was inspired by the colours of the dry grasslands of the California mountains. This products is a three in one palette that offers a concealer, highlighter, a blusher. Chanel also introduced a new duo brush perfect to use for the eyeshadow and the new Palette Essentialle called the Pinceau Duo Correcteur Retractable in black with white soft brush for application around the skin. Their nail colours are also fantastic offering in light colours of sand and light green. This is a fabulous collection to discover for Fall. 
Watch here the Tutorial #1  Fall Collection for more intense. 
Watch here the Tutorial #2  Fall Collection for more subtle. 

Celebrating Canada150 At Canada's Wonderland

Here in Canada we are still celebrating our Canada 150 anniversary of Confederation all year long. One way we celebrated it was at the Canada's Wonderland to watch some stunt shows which included diving from a waterfall and those wild rides like The Bat rollercoaster which moves forward and then backward. Try it, it is exhilarating. We also ate so much including the funnel cake with 3 scoops of vanilla ice cream, topped with M&Ms chocolate, all chosen by my nephew, Alessandro. We had such a wonderful time here that we can't believe summer is almost ending. 
Alessandro's funnel cake which we all shared eating. 
The Bat rollercoaster.

Clevelands House Ski Show

 One of the summer traditions at Clevelands House Resort at Lake Rousseau in Muskoka, is the Monday night ski show. This is held right after the Buffet dinner that they have at The Lakehouse Restaurant in the resort. Right after dinner, guests and visitors gather on their lawn for the best view of the lake and the ski show. The two hours show features music, entertainment right from the water skiing experts and the highlight are the champion fly boarders which are just so cool to watch. I can't believe that summer is almost winding down. Let us enjoy every last moments of summer outdoors appreciating the natural treasures in Muskoka. 

Pie At Muskoka

 Believe it or not, there is a wood fired pizza right here at Lake Rousseau in Muskoka. Pie, wood fired pizza joint has opened a branch at Clevelands House Resort. It was just a perfect setting to order wood fired pizza with different toppings including a dessert Nutella pizza with scoops of vanilla ice cream. Eating pizza with drinking Muskoka Brewery beer are just a perfect combination to hang out by the lake. Of course, great company makes a difference too.  Nothing beats eating pizza and drinking beer with the view of the lake during summer. It makes summer memories more fun and unforgettable!
The best Nutella pizza with banana slices and scoops of vanilla ice cream. 

Good food, good times and great views.
- Chef Randy Feltis
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