My New Favourite: Gusto 101


 One of my favourite things do to on a summer's night is to go out with my friends for dinner and then stroll around the city. This time we tried for the first time the restaurant Gusto 101 located at Portland St and near the cool and busy King St West. We visited here on Friday night after work and we had great company and conversations in this wonderful place. Gusto 101 is my new favourite restaurant as it has a cool vibe, wonderful service and delicious drinks, menu and dessert. They serve a variety of Italian spritzes drinks, serves authentic Italian food and desserts. My favourite is their Mafalde ai funghi (mushroom and truffle cream pasta) which is the best I have ever tasted outside of Italy. Then for dessert, we have their olive cake which every one agreed is delicious. I like this restaurant very much which their name Gusto is just perfect. 
Mafalde ai funghi which is a combination of portobello, porcini and oyster mushroom with truffle cream sauce. 
A summer's night stroll along King St West with the view of the CN Tower. 

Toronto Summerlicious 2017

 This month is for Toronto Summerlicious where over 200 restaurants around Toronto participate to offer three or four course lunch and dinner at a prix fixe. This event runs from 7 July to 23 July. For this year, we visited  for the first time the Spanish restaurant in the Danforth and Broadview area called Tapas at Embrujo. Despite falling down on centre stage when I tripped as I didn't see the stage where the flamenco dancing was held, the food was overall delicious and authentic Spanish. I came out fine from my embarrassing fall despite some hurting shoulders and a bruise on my leg, thank God. In their Summerlicious menu, we ordered the gambas (shrimp), gazpacho soup (cold vegetable soup) and drank kitron (coke, rum and red wine). For main course, we all tried the paella valenciana and then finally for dessert, we had the Tarta de Santiago and the goat cheese fritters. Overall, it was really delicious and filling. Summerlicious is a worthy  and fun event to try the restaurants in our City. 
Toronto Summerlicious from 7 July to 23 July. 

At The AGO: Georgia O'Keeffe

 This month will be the last few weeks that the Georgia O'Keeffe exhibition will be at the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto. Last weekend, we made sure that we hop on to the AGO to view this one of a kind exhibit of one of America's modern artist. Georgia was born in Wisconsin, USA on 15 November 1886 and died at the age of 98 in New Mexico, USA on 6 March 1986. Georgia is known as the painter of large flowers, New York Skyscrapers and the New Mexico landscapes. She lived in New Mexico in the later part of her life where she fell in love with the location and rugged desert environment. One thing I admire about George is her modernity and use of pastel colours in her painting. It is modern art but easy to relate to rather being too abstract. This exhibit is one of a kind and definitely worth a visit. 
"To create one's world in any of the arts takes courage."
"Whether you succeed or not is irrelevant, there is no such thing. 
Making your unknown known is the important thing - 
and keeping the unknown always beyond you."
 "You are one of my nicest thoughts."
- Georgia O'Keeffe 
At the AGO till 30 July 2017

Love Me Sweet

 Who would have known that we can spread love around the world through a cheesecake? It's not just any ordinary cheesecake but a Japanese cheesecake from Love Me Sweet. Japanese cheesecakes are gaining popularity here in Toronto. They are known to be average size, very simple, not decorated at all, very light, fluffy  and creamy cheese cake. Love Me Sweet is located right beside the Sweet Jesus soft ice cream that I featured here in the blog a few weeks ago. I purchased one of their cheesecakes to try at home. I would definitely try it again. Who would refuse a slice and a little love to add? 

Meeting Kevin Kwan At Indigo Bookstore

 I finally met Kevin Kwan, the author of the famous trilogy starting with his first book Crazy Rich Asians then followed by the China Rich Girlfriend and the most current book, Rich People Problems. Kevin was a guest to launch his latest book at Indigo Bookstore on Bloor St. He finally signed my books and we got to chat about his visit to Manila, Philippines which was in the book.  First of all, Kevin grew up in Singapore where the story is based. It is a story about the old rich families in Singapore that has branched out to Hong Kong, Malaysia and Thailand. It is a satirical story exposing the lifestyle and struggles of the old rich vs the new rich in Asia. I truly enjoyed his books because it reminded me of my childhood in Asia, although, it was in the Philippines, who also have the same struggles of the old rich vs the new rich families and the snobbery that carries with it. My favourite character in the book is Astrid, who is the fashionable one and keeps the family all together. Kevin's books are entertaining but at the same time show case Asia in a different light where there are super rich families that are super private while the new rich families are more show off. It shows the fantastic shopping and food places in Asia especially in Singapore. All three books are entertaining  and at the same time a story about Asian families which we normally do not see in the mainstream media. 

Buster's Sea Cove

 I finally got to try the new location of Buster's Sea Cove in Yorkville, north of Yonge and Bloor St. The Buster's Sea Cove, started in 1992 as a food truck and as a stall at St. Lawrence Market. It's good news and one of the successful business in the food industry, that they have expanded to different locations around Toronto. The new location in Yorkville, brings their seafood closer to midtown rather going all the way downtown to the St Lawrence Market. I finally tried their lobster rolls which is one of my favourite food. The sandwich is full of lobster and creamy  which is so delicious! It's so nice to see a business grow and expand. They still keep to their roots by keeping their original location at St Lawrence Market and their food truck. We got to eat here again. 

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